Asha Jyothi Rehabilitation Centre (AJRC)

Asha Jyothi Rehabilitation Centre (AJRC) (250 bed) - The new addition is for rehabilitation services for chronic mentally ill associated with Asha Hospital. It provides long stay and respite care for needy patients. The location is very ideal with greenery all around, away from the concrete jungles of the city and free from pollution. This centre which is a part of Asha Hospital, established in 2010 is situated at Malkaram Village, Shamshabad Mandal, near international airport is about 20 kms from present set up. Asha Jyothi is spread over 1.3 acres of land, well-connected to the city by the outer ring road.

The services provided at Asha Jyothi bare not restricted to just rehabilitation, they also include medical review, occupational therapy individual and family counseling, relapse prevention program, yoga and meditation. Its main aim is to provide rehabilitation services to all the strata of the society.