DNB Psychiatry

As a centre for DNB training in psychiatry. Three years of rigorous training gives the student ample clinical exposure as well as an exposure to research. Regular case conferences and academic sessions keep our DNB students on their toes. A well-stocked library, access to international journals and state-of the art- know-how combined with the traditional "guru-shishya parampara" style of mentorship practiced by our experienced faculty makes our students bring out their best. Other features include:

- Multi consultant environment with postings to various consulting groups.
-Supervision in all clinical work.
- Wide range of clinical exposure
- Case conferences and academic sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays.
- Association with an active Psychology department and regular workshops on behavioral science topics.
- Community outreach projects in mental health – ideal for research work.
- Postings to Neurosciences & Medicine departments for Liason Work.
- Seminars and grand rounds on selected topics throughout the calendar year.
- Ability to publish in an in-house journal for topics in mental health.

Minimum qualifications & Clearances for DNB Primary:-
MBBS/ Primary CET cleared. (Exam conducted by NBE)

Minimum qualifications & Clearances for DNB Secondary:
MBBS/DPM/Secondary CET cleared (Exam conducted by NBE)