In-Patient Admission Facility

Asha Hospital is one of its kind in terms of service and quality for treatment of psychiatric cases. Being a well-equipped organization that caters to all avenues of mental health makes it a preferred choice for treatment of psychiatric illness amongst most of the major psychiatrists in the city for their psychiatric in-patient admissions.  It is also the preferred choice for police and organizational referrals.  Our TRAINED RESIDENT DOCTORS 24*7 are available round the clock to handle any crisis that our patients may face.  The In-patient services at Asha hospital are

  • Comprehensive services Acute Psychiatric illness, Anxiety, Addictions, Depressions, Dementia, Schizophrenia and other Psychological Problems.
  • Psychotherapy, Counseling, Behavior therapy and Psychological testing services are available.
  • Well-ventilated, furnished accommodation for Inpatients, Comfortable arrangements for visitors and out patients.
  • Recreation facilities, Yoga classes and Group Therapy sessions for patients.
  • Emphasis on continuing Education Programs.
  • Psychiatry library.
  • Affordable care and good treatment facilities