Alcohol & Drug Detoxification

The hospital is well equipped to handle alcohol and drug abuse cases. After an initial detoxification at the hospital, patients are given the option of availing rehabilitation at the Asha Detoxification centre. This is a speciality unit of Asha hospital


Here they are provided rehabilitation facilities and observed and counselled for relapse prevention by our specially trained detoxification team.

Treatment Plan

  • The treatment will be an inpatient program for 28 days.
  • The program will include detoxification, individual and family counseling.
  • Yoga, Group therapy, relaxation training, physical exercise.
  • Educational talks, seminars on personality development, stress and Anxiety management.
  • Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step recovery program will be initiated.
  • Regular attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step meetings will also be encouraged.